Turnus I – 16.07 – Dzień 14 (2022) (English and Hebrew languages)

We awoke to a rainy and upsetting day (you will soon understand why), all our washed clothes on the clothes line were wet so Jonathan borrowed socks from Arad and trousers (very important) from Itamar.

For the first time since our arrival at the camp we remained in our tent instead of starting the day with morning exercise. After breakfast we had a group meeting in which we received letters from home that were sent with Ayelet by our close ones. We were very thrilled with emphasis on very.

The campers were given performance obligations of based on a song. Our tent will be performing to the song “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”. We will be performing on stage in the amphitheater on Monday.

After receiving our mission we were called to an important meeting that concerned the Israeli group at the camp. We were sorry to hear that Yuli had decided that her time at the camp was up and that she had decided to leave the camp and spend the remaining time with family in Berlin. We were all sorry, were pleased to have made been with her and for sure will keep in touch. We love you Yuli and hope you are having a good time in Berlin!

We then went crossed the lake in boats and went to the Jewish cemetery in Osno Lubuskie to clean the area and prepare it for our ceremony which will be held later this week.

On our return we left for the neighboring village Swiniary for a song festival performed by the campers. (Jonathan did not perform which left us with a sad feeling.)

16.7.22 hebrew