International Youth Camp

At Korczakowo, we have been working with young people in the spirit of Janusz Korczak for 60 years. Many times our camps have been attended by foreign groups, including from Israel, the United States, Germany, Ukraine. They experienced unforgettable moments and gathered invaluable experience: cooperation, tolerance, self-development.

We want to organize an international camp in Korczakowo in 2023, so that young people from many countries can experience self-governance, responsibility, art and contact with nature. It will be a chance for them to establish relationships with peers from other parts of the world. We will engage young people in the Korczak movement.

For educators, it will be an opportunity to try solutions flowing from Korczak’s thought.

Plan of the event:
10 days, August 3-12, 2023
Days 1-7 at the Korczakowo site
Days 8-10 visiting Warsaw and Treblinka (in the footsteps of Korczak)

Groups of 5-8 participants (aged 14-19) per country + a counsellor
All activities will be held in English

Individuals will also be accepted, not just groups.

Cost is between $420 and $600 (depending on the number of people).

Write to [email protected] or [email protected] if you want to know more.